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Company Info:

“At Level 33, our mission is simple -- to deliver a greater return on investment to filmmakers and investors than any other distributor.”

Level 33 Entertainment (“L33”) is looking to redefine distribution of feature films for home entertainment by providing a straightforward distribution solution for filmmakers that is tailored to the particular needs of an individual film and provides greater overall return on investment to rights holders. L33 offers access to all media distribution platforms including theatrical, DVD, Video On Demand (“VOD”), Pay Per View (“PPV”), and Electronic Sell Thru (“EST”).

L33 works as a real partner to filmmakers in positioning films for the marketplace, promoting films to their target audiences, and maximizing profits across the board. Like other distribution companies, L33 will distribute films on DVD, for example, to as many major rental outlets (Netflix, Blockbuster, Redbox, etc.) and retailers (Wal-Mart, Target, Best Buy, etc.) as possible. But here is the BIG DIFFERENCE – L33 does not charge Filmmakers ANY EXTRA expenses, mark-ups or fees for creation of product, shipping, marketing, promotions, sales market trips, and the like. Other distributors DO CHARGE a laundry list of expenses back to films (…and we have the statements to prove it!) Typically, this leaves little or nothing for the filmmakers at the end of the day.

Even when a distributor pays a "Minimum Guarantee" or “Advance” to a producer, more often than not, that's all the producer EVER SEES from their movie. L33 will tailor every DVD release to minimize expenses and maximize profits, thereby providing the most competitive filmmaker friendly gross profit deals in the industry.

With distribution via L33, films are never cross-collateralized with any other films or revenue streams (i.e. DVD crossed with VOD) and producers see profits from their movies all the way down the line.

At Level 33 Entertainment, we hold integrity as one of our highest core values. To that end, we provide clear and honest accounting with no surprises, hidden costs or mark ups, as has become standard practice in the entertainment industry.

“Level 33 Entertainment – taking film distribution to a whole new level.”

Submission Details:
Feature Films in the following genres: Action, Thriller, Horror, Family, Comedy. Name actors highly preferred.

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