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Company Info:

IDG is an independent film and television Distribution Company with the mission of providing a stage for independent media creators to show cases their talents. We service the fast-growing faction of independent film and televisions producers who create amazing content but may not have the opportunities to distribute their product though major outlets

IDG aggregates independent full-length films, short films, television series even music videos for online connected and streaming device exhibition. Our library includes all budget levels in indie filmmaking from experimental/Ultra low (less than 50,000) to high budget indie films (10 Million+). Our distribution channels allow us to reach over 8 million viewers each month. Now there is a place for indie Content Providers around the world to earn money from their content.

Here’s how it works!

We license your film on a non-exclusive basis for a period of 6-12 months. We then collect revenue through our relationships with various ad networks and split the revenue with our Content Providers. Our Content Providers start earning money the first day of being added to our catalog.

Submission Details:
Feature Films, Shorts, Action, Drama, Documentary, Horror, Any Genre, TV series, etc.

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