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Recognizing the need for a distribution avenue for independently-produced entertainment, Bosko Group has created an alternative to the long-standing, traditional distribution model (a mode often proving unprofitable to independent filmmakers and producers). Bosko Group places select feature-length dramatic films and documentaries into distribution via its own network of resellers, retailers, rentailers, digital delivery platforms and other avenues to reach the consumer entertainment marketplace.

Submission Details:
The Bosko Group has the relationships and contacts to get your movie sold, and, we are seeking some great movies to represent. Our current roster of clients boasts a number of wonderfully great films, and we are always seeking to build new relationships with producers and filmmakers. If you have a completed, or near complete feature-length (75 minutes+) film, we'd like to speak with you. Bosko Group is actively seeking films of all genres to sell into the commercial marketplace. Whether it is a direct-to-DVD deal, VOD launch, limited theatrical, digital, library or ancillary arrangement you are seeking, we can help. Some important points:

There is no upfront fee for our service. Bosko Group works on a commission of sales arrangement: we only get paid if your film sells.
We do not work with all films, only those movies for which we believe we can find deals.
We only work with a limited number of clients at any one time.
While we are interested in all genres, today's market favors action, high-quality horror and family features, urban-themed films and paranormal/unexplained phenomena documentaries.
Finding a deal for a film is not a quick process.
We are careful to ensure that you are comfortable with our approach to finding a deal for your film. Give us a call or send an email at anytime. It is never too early to begin thinking about distribution. Even if you just have a general question, or want some advice, please, contact us at anytime.

*NOTE: It is important to realize that selling your movie can be done without the services of a distribution representative. It happens all the time, and there are many successful filmmakers who have never worked with a representative, whose films have landed broad distribution.

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