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Company Info:

ACRS, Inc. ("ACRS") offers aggregate and distribution services internationally

Crocodile House ("CH", a division of ACRS, Inc.) produces significant civil and human rights and accredited studies / research documentaries.

Submission Details:
ACRS / CH will consider finished, mastered, nonmastered and/or incomplete feature length (and longer) movies which provide strict deadlines of completion within six months of submission. Manuscripts and development writing are welcome as long as the writing is WGA registered and U.S. copyright registered. Incomplete / nonmastered movies and concepts All submissions are welcome but ACRS gives precedence to: completed feature length movies, documentaries are preferred, all genres are welcome but the genre submitted must be viewable as it would / should be viewed by family audiences in standard public theatres as well as well recognized, public film festivals. Rated R films are welcome. Films / movies must not infringe on others works and copyrights and must meet New Filmmakers requirements, submissions, terms of use and other guidelines.

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