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Company Info:

Camco (Camera Communications LLC) is an international film & TV group that produces international films, documentaries and TV programing content.

Submission Details:
Content needed for Italian TV Channel!
TV, Independent Movies, Documentaries,
Environmental content shows & Women content day time shows.
Submission requirements below…

Phase One Submission requirements:
1. The Channel desires all independent feature films distributors, beginning in Italian language first. We desire to secure a deal to get the rights for broadcasting content on the Italian market (then expanding also to Italian speaking communities around the world). If a producer has a feature film already dubbed in Italian (most likely the movie has been sold in the past to another Italian TV channel or already distributed in the Italian territory) will be considered.
2. Digital format that contains Italian and English versions for Broadcasting (because the listening audience can choose which version on the TV remote control).
3. The feature film must be in HD (or they must have been reversed in HD).
4. The film should be really professional – in relation to box office results, film critics, or number of awards won in film festivals); as well as, content with a few A list actors starring in them. It doesn’t matter the year in which the films were produced, as long as the quality of the production is good you can submit old or brand new feature films.
5. Genre: looking for feature films of all genre’s (i.e., Thriller, horror, Sci Fi, Drama, Adventure, Romantic Comedy, etc.)
6. 1 year license period,
7. First six months exclusive, second 6 months non-exclusive,
8. Number of airings 6+
9. Payment terms: 10% upon contract execution, balance at 90 days
10. Max payment per firm: 2500 Euros.

Phase Two Submission requirements:
11. Any English/USA speaking films that have not yet obtained distribution in Italy. (Will be phased in latter after dubbing – unless content is on digital format that can be chosen on the TV remote control as mentioned above.)

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